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Good God!

Why have I not been previously informed of the stunning beauty that is Ben Barnes? I've just watched Prince Caspian and was lucky to make it out with my ovaries intact!

Holy shit, that man is good looking! And he's playing Dorian Gray? Talk about divine casting (of course the only other man on this earth who'd be beautiful enough to play that role would be our Johnny).

And now, of course, I have Caspian/Susan bunnies hopping around in my head. Stomp on them! Stomp on the bunnies!

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So thanks to caz963 I have been spending far too much time over at YouTube with my new favourite TeeVee show, Horrible Histories. It's actually a kid's show on CBBC, based on the books of the same title, but it is so much funnier than any of the grown-up comedy shows on at the moment. This clip of Alexander the Great is the one that has me in stitches laughing every time.

It's when he sniffs him that I totally crack up!

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When fandoms collide

Ok, so it's not exactly my fandom yet, but I am smitten with new Trek (sorry, Wars *is a Lando*). The whole premise is genius, the casting is inspired and the ship... well suffice to say I was a little taken aback at how unexpected it was and how well it was done.

It was only today however, 2 weeks after seeing the movie, that I realised Uhuru was played by the same actress who played pointy shouty Anamaria!! Now I was never a huge fan of Anamaria. I thought she was a bit of a caricature and I blamed much of my indifference on the actress's performance, which I thought was slightly hammy.

Uhuru on the other hand I thought was wonderful! So either Zoe Saldana has improved a great deal as an actress or TnT don't have a clue how to write for female characters... Hmmmm, what does experience tell me?

In addition to this 'OMG so that's who that is' moment, while I was watching the Redshirt scene I'm looking at Lt Olsen thinking 'Hold on a mo, I know that bloke!'. Only got round to googling him today and sure enough who is it, but none other than Greg Ellis a.k.a. our resident Captain Jack Fancier, Lt Groves! I wonder if he thinks Kirk is the best Enterprise Captain he's ever seen ;P

Oh and on a side note, Chris Pine = ME WANT! Especially his little finger shooting gesture in that simulation thing (Trek fans, tell me what that was called again?)

*needs a trek icon*