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Since becoming part of Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, I've been fortunate enough to have found some truly amazing authors who have created some of the best fiction I've read in a long time and a lot of them I've discovered through recommendations from other readers. I've therefore decided to repay the favour and put together a list of my own favourite stories from over the past year or so. The list is in no particular order of preference, nor is it by any means exhaustive. It's just all the stories I can think of at the moment and whose links I've been able to find with relative ease. This list will probably be continually updated over time.

Stormalong by geekmama - Links to all chapters. A wonderful post-AWE story, with some fabulous OC's. Exciting and dramatic with some cliffhangers that'll leave you breathless. Rated R, J/E, Barbossa, Teague, OC's.

Forgiveness by ladyofthesilent - Full Story. One that was posted pre-AWE, but that I've only just discovered. Hot pre-battle Jack/Elizabeth sex with an underlying examination of what their relationship is and what they mean to each other, paralleled with a superb Teague introspection. And did I mention hot? Unfortunately rendered AU by the events in AWE (although who knows... ? ;)), the characterisation in this story rings far truer than anything that took place in the movie. Rated NC-17, J/E, Teague.

Many A Broken Spar and Tatter’d Sail by edoraslass - Full Story. It's very rare that a fanfic has me open mouthed in shock and awe, but this one completely succeeded on that count. A story of Immortal Jack as you've never seen him before, dark and disturbing, but utterly amazing. Without giving anything away, if you don't gasp out loud at one particular reveal, then you've definitely missed something. Make sure you have something fluffy to read afterwards to ward off the nightmares! Rated PG-13, but I'd veer towards an R. Jack, with allusions towards Jack/Norrington and mentions of other characters (including one most definitely NOT fromthe Pirates 'verse;)).

Will ye or nay? by edoraslass - Full Story. One of my favourite things about DMC is the number of intriguing incidental characters, who only have a few lines but really make an impact, one of these characters being the bloke on the wrecked ship who tells Davy Jones that he'll take his chances. I've long wished that someone would write a backstory for that character. This story fulfills that wish admirably, offering a contrast between that man and the one who pledges his service to the Dutchman, and is amazingly thought provoking for so few words. Rated PG-13, Gen.

December's Children by djarum9 - Chapter One with links to the following chapters at the botom of each page. A story I should've recced ages ago, this is a superb follow up to the awesome Stones themed Sympathy for the Devil (see below). This story follows the complex relationships set up in the prequel and has just as much spice and sensualilty. It's currently a WiP, however the author has promised to post the final chapter soon *gives stern parental look*. Rated NC-17 overall, J/E, J/W/E, Teague, Calypso, OC's.

Sea Fever by penknife - Full Story. A wonderful Will one-shot. Both backstory, giving us a taste of Will's relationship with his father, and missing scene, showing us a tiny insight into what might have happened between Will and Elizabeth, in the time between the first two movies. Superb characterisation, and the contrast and comparison between all of the characters carries real weight and emotional impact. Rated G, W/E, Bootstrap.

Nights in the Bayou by klp_8 - Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6, Ch.7, Ch.8. An amazingly erotic (without being too graphic) Jack/Tia Dalma backstory - heartbreaking and breathtaking, it looks at how the characters we know from the movies were constructed and how they came to know each other before. As always, the author's language and imagery just leave me agog and awestruck by the apparent ease with which she weaves her story.

Beyond the Far Horizon by salr323 - Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6, Ch.7, Ch.8, Ch.9, Ch.10, Ch.11, Ch.12, Ch.13. A story both epic in its scope, yet intimate in its characterisation. It explores the nature of immortality and the legacy we leave behind. Some superb, gritty backstory for Jack and descriptions of an British winter that'll have you turning up the thermostat. As for the last chapter... Now I'm not an outwardly emotional person and don't really cry so much at movies or books, but this last chapter gets me. Every. Single. Time. Rated R overall, J/E, some W/E.

Wrong Decision, Right Reasons by klp_8 - Ch.1 (links to next chapter at the end of each page). A story I recced in a recent post and one which just keeps getting better and better. Set five years after AWE it looks at the very different character Jack Sparrow has become and what might have happened to him in those five years. The language and imagery is just magical and sometimes makes me gasp out loud. Rated PG-13 (maybe a little higher for sexual themes), J/E.

Tall Ship Tales by p0wdermonkey - Links to all chapters. The first installments of this story were posted last year but I only discovered it a couple of days ago. One of the best Jack backstories I've ever read, chock-full of fascinating nautical details and wonderful OC's. Young Jack is something to behold too. Rated PG-13 (implications of underage sex), Gen.

By Blood Undone by erinya - Full story. An gorgeous, erotic version of how Elizabeth brought Jack back from death and the Locker. Angsty, sexy goodness. And naked!Jack. Rated NC-17, J/E, some W/E.

Liar's Dice by penknife - Full story. An eerie tale of the voyage to an alternative version Locker. Elizabeth tests her ability to bluff. Some fab foreshadowing of what we know is to come. Rated PG, J/E, some W/E.

Dear Jack by piratemistress - Full story. Ok get your tissues at the ready, folks. Seriously. One of the most heartbreaking, beautiful, poignant and, at times, funny fics I've read in a long time. Told entirely in the form of letters exchanged, this story will have you sobbing over your keyboard. Just stunning. Rated PG, J/E, W/E.

Name Game by alchemistc - Full story. A gorgeous story covering about 60 years after Jack and Elizabeth drink from the Fountain of Youth. Beautifully told. Rated PG, J/E.

Kingdoms of the Swan by writing_samsara - Ch.1 - The Ghosts at the Brink, Ch.2 - The Lost. A sublime imagining of Jack and Elizabeth dealing with a possible post-AWE universe. Beautiful imagery and one of the best dream sequences I've ever read in fic. Currently a WiP, but a must-read, Rated R, J/E, references to W/E.

Sympathy for the Devil by djarum99 - Ch.1 - Wild Horses (link to next chapter at the bottom of each page). A beautiful tale of Elizabeth finding her place in the Cove and in life post-AWE. One of the best Teague characterisations I've read and a fabulous take on the relationship between Jack and Elizabeth - with hot sex as a sweetener ;). Also, for those Johnny Depp fangirls out there, this author is capable of THE hottest descriptions of Jack Sparrow. Seriously, a woman who appreciates the aesthetic beauty of the man! Rated NC-17 overall, J/E, W/E, J/W/E.

In Thought or in Deed by piratemistress - Ch.6 - The Mouth of the Yang-Tze (link to previous chapters at the top of the page). I think this story is possibly my favourite Elizabeth-centric fic. One of my main reasons for being irritated by AWE was the lack of resolution for Elizabeth - a pirate king apparently, yet she's left languishing on land for ten years, her destiny defined only by the men in her life. This fic turns all of that on its head. Told entirely in Elizabeth PoV we follow her 'stranger in a strange land' journey from Singapore to Shanghai with some fascinating OC's encountered along the way (especially the wonderful Jade). Lizzie's characterisation is outstanding and you get the feeling that we've still got a lot to learn about this character. Another WiP and one that has me squeeing like a loon when I see a new chapter posted. Rated NC-17, J/E, W/E, E/OC.

Shorn by firesignwriter - Full story (link will take you away from livejournal). The hottest slash I think I've ever read, featuring my favourite Jack fanboy, Lieutenant Groves, and my preferred slash pairing of Jack/Groves (there just isn't enough fic out there focussing solely on that pairing). This is a follow on from a previous story, but you can read and enjoy without necessarily having read the set up. The basic premise is Groves following order to cut Jack's hair. Hotness ensues. Rated NC-17, J/G, implied G/OC.

More recs to be added soon...

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  • I do believe the appropriate word is 'Squee'..."

    This... ...has left me with a huge grin on my face. If the actual movie is anything like the trailer then I am one very happy bunny. Minimal FX,…

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