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Two little ficcies (went to market)

Two Drabblettes.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Title: Nota Bene
Author: Laura H fried_flamingo
Pairing: J/E
Rating: PG
Word Count: 132
Author's note: In response to the potc_dogwatch challenge #11 Lessons

He should write these in his log; lessons to be remembered.

Lesson the First.

If one sees any corset clad females tumbling to their certain death in the Caribbean, leave them there. Let them drown; they will bring nought but strife.

Lesson the Second.

Should said strumpet, after having lured some fool into an ill-advised rescue, attempt to entice aforementioned fool with a kiss, dive overboard; she has treachery in her heart.

Lesson the Third.

Stroking the neck of such a wench will likely incite activities requiring the immediate relocation of both parties below deck, that they may spare the blushes of a sensitive male crew.

He should write this in his log, should he ever decide to keep one.

Title: The Passing of the Day
Author: Laura H fried_flamingo
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Word Count: 134
Author's note: In response to the potc_dogwatch challenge #16 Time and Tide

The light muslin shifts in the breeze that floats through the open window, still warm though it’s almost midnight. From her bed she listens to the waves sigh upon the sand, a sound that has hushed her to sleep every night since her return. A smile washes over her lips when she realises that she can now hear the difference between high and low tide and that this, for her, is what marks the passing of the day.

Sometimes she thinks those waves whisper her name, but at other times she thinks perhaps it is a different voice that calls to her.

A clanging peal interrupts her half-dream. The new town clock asserting its will, splitting days into hours and hours into minutes. Elizabeth smiles, knowing that its bell no longer tolls for her.

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Tags: drabbles, fic, potic

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