October 28th, 2008

random: flamingo_carroll

It's all Linz's fault!

First of all let me clarify something - I am not the sort of person who should enjoy historical romance novels. Not at all. I don't wear Laura Ashley dresses and straw hats and sit in meadows smelling flowers all day.

Now let me make a confession - I am addicted to romance novels. And it's all coloneljack's fault. A few months ago she gave me a Julia Quinn novel as a gift and it was all over for me. I now feel that I'm strong enough as a person to inflict my newfound love on you, my beloved flist, so expect frequent ramblings and a few recs to be posted in future.

On that note I'd like to pay it forward and share an ebook that Linz recced me a week or so ago and that I've since read three times. Flowers from the Storm (Click for the download.) is without a doubt the best novel I've read in this genre - in fact it goes beyond romantic fiction, with a hero and heroine who definitely don't adhere to the run of the mill formula. Maddy is a Quaker who uses Plain Speech (thee/thou etc) and Christian suffers a stroke in the opening chapter, effectively removing his ability to communicate with the outside world and, as a result, being incarcerated in a lunatic asylum.

It's heartbreaking, uplifting, angsty and most definitely sexy, and the characters are just remarkable.

So even if you think you're not the sort of person who enjoys romance novels, download this book - you will not be sorry, I promise. And if you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.