May 5th, 2008

random: flamingo_carroll

Happy Meme

Snagged from misscam in response to that awesomely happy Discovery Channel advert.

For all the gloom, the world actually is damn awesome. So, I give you Ten Reasons the World is Awesome:

1) It's Bank Holiday Monday
2) The sun is shining - it's a gorgeous day
3) I have a washload of clean towels hanging out on the line to dry right now and I know they'll smell amazing when I bring them in.
4) I have some free time to write - yey!
5) Pirates. Sexy, snarky, angsty, funny pirates. I still love them. There's still a lot to love!
6) I'm on a diet. A bizarre reason perhaps, but it's actually a healthy diet rather than a crappy faddy one and I feel good about it.
7) The Scouting for Girls album (Thanks coloneljack!!)
8) Rangers drew 0-0 with Hibs yesterday, so the SPL is still very much in contention!
9) Pastrami - it's delicious and surprisingly low in fat and calories! How is this possible???
10) Johnny Depp. Still. And here's one of the reason's why.

Give me ten reasons of yours, I dare you. (Or as many or few as you can think of.) They can be as silly as you like - but hey, you might find some people share them ;)

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