April 13th, 2008

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Is it a pointless exercise?

Most of the time, despite my fangirl tendencies, I have issues with the whole notion of celebrity.

Until my current love for Johnny Depp, my obsession normally stopped with characters rather than actors. I'd be more concerned with spoilers and behind the scenes pics, rather than gossip on what the actual actor was up to in Real Life.

Now, obviously, I'm all about the Deppster and I want to know where he's filming, what projects he's got coming up next and, I'll admit, I've ogled candid snapshots of him (though I have struggled with the guilt afterwards).

But the thing is I've never wanted to see pics of his kids and in fact those sort of snapshots make me downright uncomfortable. Legalities notwithstanding, I just don't see it as ethical when photographers can tail a family in order to take pictures of children for the sole intent of selling them to the highest bidder. There is no news there, only the exploitation of minors. Am I being overly sensitive to view that as wrong?

I'm aware that there's a certain hypocrisy in me criticising paparazzi when I have iconned paparazzi pictures in the past, but I guess when it comes to the children, I feel there is a line that's been crossed. Especially when Johnny has categorically stated how much he hates his children being cast into the limelight because of his profession. I'd like to think I've got a bit of respect for the bloke's wishes in that regard, especially considering the respect he has in turn for his fans.

It shouldn't be about whether there's a demand for it or whether the pics will be taken anyway so why shouldn't you look or even whether the law says that it's ok. It's not ok, there's no reason behind it, other than sensationalism, and the only possible outcome is that it makes it seem ok for grown men to be hounding small children and splashing their image all over the popular press.

I don't feel that it's unreasonable to question this.

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