January 26th, 2008

random: flamingo_carroll

New Pirates of the Caribbean Fic: Empress 1/1

Title: Empress
Author: Laura H fried_flamingo
Rating: NC-17 (no, seriously)
Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth
Category: PWP, sex, BDSM

Author's note: So I'm not quite sure where my mind was at with this fic. It's a little AWE missing scene, but is probably the most graphic I've ever written. Also quite experimental, in terms of style. The setting is inspired by djarum99's fabulous What in Me is Dark Illumine - what could happen between Jack and Elizabeth on the night before battle. Most definitely not work safe. Intended as a little pick-me-up for salr323 who has been sick all week and in dire need of squee. I really hope it's not too dirtybadwrong for you, hun. ;) Squee for Sweeney next weekend!

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