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"Hmmm..." she wondered, pensively.

So I'm having a problem with the Mentalist in season 2, and the problem is this...

Does everything have to be a set up??? Including all character conflict??

Just finished Red Badge and it was establishing itself as one of my favourite episodes, with some really powerful stuff from Robin Tunney, especially Lisbon's apparent breakdown in her apartment, when lo and behold, it turns out Bobby Ewing was in the shower and it had been a dream all along it was all a carefully thought out act in order to catch the criminal. Excuse me, but haven't we seen that play in practically every other episode? Couldn't you leave us viewers with something a bit meatier than that?? I just feel that they dangle backstory and pathos in front of us and then whip it away at the last minute on the pretext of 'it was all pretend just to catch the bad guy'. Very disappointed :(

The cute little look from Jane at the end almost redeemed it, but not quite.

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