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Things on the teevees I has been mostly loving this week.

So my new found status as a workshy layabout has given me more time to be catching up on the shows I didn't really have time to watch before.

First and foremost is Modern Family. Ace. It's been likened to Arrested Development for obvious reasons, and while it doesn't really have that absurd quality that AD had, the humour is definitely on par. Best new show on the box.

Secondly, I'm delighted to have discovered Fringe at last (thanks eken95!), especially as I now have a season and a half to catch up on. The writing is top notch, the characters are engaging (Pacey, I never stopped loving you and I never will!), there is enough humour to keep it lively, and the plots are fast moving and intriguing. And the hints of ship - guaranteed to get me hooked.

Lastly, I've been watching Eli Stone, mainly because of my recently discovered crush on Jonny Lee Miller after his stint as Mr Knightly. I think the pilot was the best of the bunch to be honest, but the show is enjoyable and his character is adorable and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments to keep me interested.

Oh and I've also discovered that this strange interest in SGU doesn't seem to be going away. Hmmm... I wonder if there is a lotion available for that...

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